Photograph of Ryan S Werner

Ryan Werner

Co Founder & CEO

Ryan Werner is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of intraBurst, making critical decisions in the direction of the Burst application. With a background using Management Systems, he is able to provide a unique insight tailored to the needs of organizations wanting to improve their user experience. Before intraBurst, Ryan worked as a freelance media creator on YouTube. Ryan also currently attends the University of Wisconsin - Madison, persuing a degree in Pharmacy.

Photograph of Bailey Conradt

Bailey Conradt

Co Founder & CDO

Bailey Conradt is co-founder and Chief Development Officer of intraBurst, working on the design of Burst instances. As an experienced computer programmer and customer support specialist, Bailey works on promoting customer success. Outside of intraBurst, he is an expert musician and tennis enthusiast.

Photograph of Elisabeth Trenta

Elisabeth Trenta


Elisabeth Trenta is the Chief Operating Officer of intraBurst, handling everyday issues such as reporting outages and handling legal requests. Her background in Research and Technical Writing plays an important part in our interprofessional team. Outside of intraBurst, she enjoys trivia and spending time with her fish.

Photograph of Joshua Billington

Josh Billington


Josh Billington is the Chief Marketing Officer of intraBurst, handling issues related to graphics design and sales. His background in digital photography and insurance provides him with the essential tools to engage customers. Outside of intraBurst, Josh likes to spend time with his dog.